About Us

The Birth of The Hangtown Range

Around 2007 we looked around the city of Placerville and did not find an outdoor sporting supply (other than Wal-Mart or big five) that served the hunters or fishermen by hunters or fishermen and since after having a weekend home here for several years and was going to retire in Placerville and our Son was also interested and lived in Placerville we decided to invest in a sporting supply store for Placerville.

This after about three years of land acquisition and a lot of other red tape we were able to open the Mosquito Creek Outfitters for Placerville and surrounding areas, this has been a rewarding adventure and we want to thank all of our customers and friends that have helped in the success of the Mosquito Creek Outfitters.

Now the next thing we discovered was there was no easy place for our customers to go to try out a firearm or archery bow they were interested in buying, and after a lot of looking at potential sites that did not turn out to be potential for many reasons ($) one of them so we sort of gave up on the idea that we could provide such a facility.

Then as my wife keeps telling me to stop looking at old empty buildings, I discovered a new nightmare that I was sure we could do something with. And then started the long and tedious task of trying to acquire this rundown dream indoor shooting range and all of the problems of renovation undiscovered, and believe me there were a lot. So we did prevail and are now in the process of a complete and very arduous renovation of this shooting range and hope to be ready to open in the summer of 2017 which is over a year later than we first thought we could open. OH WELL. (AND YES MY WIFE IS BEHIND IT NOW)

Our vision for this venture is to be able to partner with the Mosquito Creek Outfitters and bring the shooting sport to more interested people, men, youngsters and especially woman that would like to participate in the shooting sport in a safe and friendly place that can provide safety and proficient training at all levels.

We hope you can come and participate with us when we get up and running and we will do our best to help you have an enjoyable and memorable experience.

Hangtown Range